A Chicago-based Investment Group focused on investing in public and private companies, real estate and fund to fund strategies. LPC strives to make investments that align incentives and lead to long term, mutually beneficial relationships. We base our investment decisions on our fundamental analysis, due diligence process and experience.

Our Mission

We strive to be a reliable, consistent and reasonable source of capital in our private equity, real-estate and public company investments. While our investment approach may change from time to time, nothing will change the core of our business: long-term, win-win relationships where Lincoln Park incentives are aligned with the best interests of common shareholders.

Our History

Our managing members and core principals are going on 3 decades of investing together in the public markets. Josh Scheinfeld was a founder, Managing Member and brought the original capital to Fusion Capital Partners, a Chicago-based investment fund started in 1999 that funded or committed to fund over $700 million in public company financings. Jonathan Cope, Richard Vogel and Robert Garcia all joined Fusion Capital in the 2000-2001 time period and together with Josh formed Lincoln Park Capital, LLC in 2010. With a new, broader mandate they have evolved their public company investing and expanded into venture capital, private equity, real estate and other opportunistic investing.

Our Business Philosophy

We are known as a high performance, high integrity group of people who make a difference. Yes, making money is important, but helping our portfolio companies meet their objectives is equally important and symbiotic. Our philosophy is that if we help our portfolio companies we will be rewarded.

Our Experience

We have extensive experience in structuring investments in public and private companies. That experience along with our knowledge of the securities laws, accounting and tax regulations and other complex regulatory issues allow us to move quickly, keep transaction costs low and tailor our investment to the individual needs of a company.

Lincoln Scholar®

Lincoln Park Capital seeks highly motivated Ph.D. candidates or postdoctoral researchers who are interested in applying their skills to interpret trends in the life sciences and assist in LPC’s due diligence process. Interns will conduct independent equity research to evaluate each target company’s likelihood of commercializing their technology.
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